Unwanted: Bulges and Bumps

July 2, 2019 - 3:20pm

What is CoolSculpt?

CoolSculpt is a non-invasive, permanent method to destroy the fat cells in selected areas by using a cooling technology. The research is medically based, which makes it a very reassuring treatment option for people – it has been tried and tested and comes out the winner every time for reducing all those unwanted bulges and even tiny bumps. The origin of CoolSculpting came about when physicians noticed the loss of volume on the thighs of women doing extensive horseback riding in extreme cold weather for long periods of time; similar findings were noticed in the cheeks of children sucking on a popsicle in one side of the mouth for an extensive period of time. The prolonged exposure to cold in these areas lead to freezing of the fat cells which makes them burst and thus destroys these cells. Researchers at Harvard Medical School then investigated this phenomenon further and the CoolSculpt technology was born. This method allows us to target an exact area and deliver a smooth, pleasing result.

As humans we each have a fixed amount of fat cells, we are born with them and genetically each individual might have a bit more in their hips/belly/thighs/jowel/arms. The number of cells stay the same, the cells just get bigger or smaller depending on our weight. We cannot regrow fat cells, it is a medical fact. This means when fat cells are destroyed or removed, they never grow back – hence the permanent effect of these treatments.

A very high-tech CoolSculpt machine is used and different sized applicators – depending on the body area and the volume of fatty tissue that needs treatment – are applied to CoolSculpt a specific body part. The results are truly breathtaking and ongoing improvement of the treated area takes place over the course of 2 – 3 months. A large number of people notice immediate results and to think that more reduction takes place over the next few months makes this a highly sought-after method to treat unwanted bulges and bumps.

At Hummingbird MediSpa, we have Advanced CoolSculpt trained staff who can do a professional evaluation of your areas of concern and our Medical Director, Dr Burger, reviews each case to ensure the most effective possible treatment is provided for each client.

Call us at 403-529-2006 to book your CoolSculpt Consult. There is no fee for this service. We look forward to seeing you and helping you Reveal Your Inner Beauty.

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By Dr. Burger - Hummingbird MediSpa