Some lasting damage from Thursday thunderstorm

By Jessie Weisner
June 28, 2019 - 12:31pm Updated: June 28, 2019 - 7:21pm


MEDICINE HAT, AB -- A thunderstorm rolled through Medicine Hat Thursday afternoon, bringing a total of 42 millimetres of rain.

The storm caused flash flooding across the city, mainly in the Crescent Heights area.

It also caused power outages, downed tree branches, and road closures.

According to the city, all power has been returned to residents, and most of the city is back to normal.

Resident of Crescent Heights were out cleaning up the mess Friday, some with lasting damage.

“I couldn’t really see coming out the front because of my tree so I put on my big rubber boots, walked outside to look at my cars that were on the street,” says Micheal Jackson, a Hatcher Drive resident. “By the time I waded out there it was up over my boots, so I took on water, my vehicles took on about 3 inches of water.”

“Our garage completely flooded, like the water was coming in and it lifted up our garage door, we were in the garage when it happened and we were like okay we have to get out and just moved a bunch of stuff,” says neighbour Natasha Piwowarczyk. “Our basement windows were leaking, our backyard was completely flooded, even our wood around our fireplace area is all floated, it was so bad. My car flooded, the seals aren’t too good and it was that thick, and everything was floating in my car so.”

The only place in South Eastern Alberta hit worse than Medicine Hat was Schuler, which got 49.5 millimetres of rain.

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