MHC’s academic advisers recognized provincially

By Hayley Ferguson
May 27, 2019 - 4:04pm Updated: May 27, 2019 - 7:21pm


Medicine Hat, AB- The academic advisers of the Medicine Hat College were recognized provincially last week.

The group of eight advisers won the Most Effective Team in Student Services award at the Alberta Student Services Conference in Calgary.

Nicholas Langat, the college’s manager of student engagement, says the role as an academic adviser is a job that has been evolving for years.

“As a college we pride ourselves in providing the best student experience. And one of the supports we do have here is academic advising.” He continued “So the team has gone way above and beyond to provide innovative ways to help students in achieving their goals.”

He says the job as an adviser is no longer just about picking courses for students but empowering them to be involved in their academic journey and making programs their own.

The award is given to the team of advisers who demonstrate improvements in programs and services in an innovative way as well as enhancing relationships with students and staff.

“We came up with something called ‘academic innovation time’.” Langat said. “And it’s a time we set aside every two weeks to get together and brainstorm in terms of innovation, in terms of how we can help students understand their programs and even come up with ways in which we can gain what we do.”

Langat also said that the team is continuing to work on how to improve the experience for students. They are currently in the process of prioritizing their initiatives that are part of their new mission and vision statement.

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