Wear Plaid for Dad

By CHAT News Today
May 27, 2019 - 2:17pm

Prostate cancer, it’s the most common cancer to affect males in Canada, and yet, they don’t really talk about it. The idea of getting frequent check-ups to create a baseline for their health seems almost taboo. However, over the past few years awareness and support for Prostate Cancer has grown widely thanks to a wonderfully innovative charity called Plaid for Dad.

Wear Plaid for Dad launched in 2015, as a new Father’s Day tradition! Each year thousands of businesses and individuals across Canada dress up in their best plaid outfits on the Friday before Father’s Day to raise awareness and support for Prostate Cancer. Over the past 25 years, Prostate Cancer Canada has invested over $120 million in research, cutting the mortality rate of the disease in half. Yet, one in seven men are still being diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime and every year the disease takes over 4,000 of our loved ones from us. This fundraising campaign is such an incredibly important part of changing the statistics; for our dads, our grandfathers, our uncles, our brothers and our sons.    

Wear Plaid for Dad has been raising money for Prostate Cancer across Canada for the last four years, but it was in 2016 that the organization really made its mark in Medicine Hat by winning the Top Community Spirit Award and being coined Plaid Hat by Prostate Cancer Canada. From there, a casual conversation about doing even more for the cause evolved into the Wear Plaid for Dad Charity Golf Tournament, a now annual event that raised over $13,000 in its first year.

This year Medicine Hat is celebrating their 3rd Annual Wear Plaid for Dad Charity Golf Tournament on June 17th. The annual tournament is a great way to have fun and celebrate dad while supporting such an important cause. With the amazing support from the community each year, the tournament continues to grow bigger and better.

This year, participants can enjoy a round of golf while decked out in plaid and finish the day off with a delicious meal put on by Desert Blume Golf Club, and a silent auction, all in the name of dad! Whether you want to come for the entire day, just a game a golf or just the dinner, it’s an event you don’t want to miss!  

Although the golf tournament is a major part of Wear Plaid for Dad in Medicine Hat, it isn’t the only way to support the cause. The day before the tournament sees the Mavericks playing their annual Wear Plaid for Dad game! It’s a fantastic day of baseball and fundraising if golf isn’t your thing.

Wear Plaid for Dad was made big in Medicine Hat thanks to the wonderful community support. To get involved this year, visit plaidfordad.dojiggy.com for more information. You will find available sponsorships for those who want to play a bigger part for the cause, information on the participating sponsors and registration for the golf tournament. If you would want to make a donation, you’ll find that on the website as well! Don’t have a lick of plaid in your closet? Don’t worry! Since this day is all about wearing Plaid for Dad, this year there is also a selection of plaid attire you can chose from to make sure you are on par for the golf game! All proceeds from purchased apparel are donated to the cause.

On June 17th, we ask the community to stand together in the name of Dad to raise awareness and support for a disease that affects thousands of men each year across Canada. Let’s represent Plaid Hat!