Coulee Ridge developers give residents virtual reality tour

By Taylor Chartrand
May 25, 2019 - 5:24pm

MEDICINE HAT, AB - The goal of today's white-tent event for the Coulee Ridge developers was simple.

To change the perception of the Coulee Ridge development from being an idea, to being a physical reality by inviting people directly on to the site so they can see the phase-1 lot layout.

During the afternoon hours, residents were invited to the Coulee Ridge site not only to see the area, but to experience it in a whole different way.

"We're using some of the most advanced visual reality, augmented reality and mixed-reality to allow people to go on to a site digitally," explained COO of Enclave Ventures Inc., Don Sandford. "Either here, on our website or any application that a person has to see what it would be like to be on that property."

The second thing they did, is they showed a hologram of Coulee Ridge.

"You can walk around it from the north, south, east and west. You can move in and look at individual lots. You can look at individual streets and you can see the landscape design and look at all the topography associated with that. It's very exciting for people that would like to know what type of amenities they'll see in their future development"

Sandford believes this technology is a game-changer and so far, the feedback has been nothing but positive.

"We're finding that people are wanting to feel and express a sense of place. We're seeing that people would like to enjoy experiences as part of their purchase. They want to know up front what it's going to be like, so they can visualize what it would be like to live here without having it built yet."

The Coulee Ridge development is located near Desert Blume and has approximately 200-lots for sale.

Currently, they are working on phase-1 of 4.

"It takes us about 2-years to build out each of those phases. So, we'll be in and out of Coulee Ridge in roughly 8-years. Our expectation here is to build a legacy project . A project that is considered to be the best development ever built in Medicine Hat."

Sandford continued by saying they have big plans for the upcoming phases.

"The white-tent event is held on lot 1 because that's where we'll start. We have 44-lots, 6 of those lots will be used for the 2020 parade of homes. We also would like to host the 2021 Kinsmen Home Lotto here and we have a new construction model for that which will be announced later."

And if you're not able to secure one of the 44 lots in phase-1, Sandford says don't worry.

"If someone doesn't get a lot in phase-1, it doesn't mean the good lots are taken. There are some very exciting opportunities for people in phases 2, 3 and 4 that aren't in phase 1. I really find that attractive as a developer because everybody will win in every phase."

Currently, there are 22 of 44 lots sold in phase-1 with the average cost of a lot being in the area of $275,000.

"We're planning to start with the construction of the deep-services this year. We're working on different ways in which we can make some of those lots available to people building in the 2020 parade of homes. Most of the home owners that are out here are expecting to start the construction of their homes after June 30, 2020."

For more information on the Coulee Ridge development, click here.

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