Iron Horse Energy teaching high school students about job opportunities

By Hayley Ferguson
May 22, 2019 - 4:53pm Updated: May 22, 2019 - 7:20pm


Medicine Hat, AB - In a recent survey done by the Bank of Canada, they reported one of the highest levels of labour shortages since the Great Recession with about 550,000 jobs left vacant in Canada.

One of the biggest industries that has felt that is the oil and gas field. Especially as the current workforce starts to age.

That’s why Iron Horse Energy Services and their Chief Asset Officer Brendon Hamilton decided that they needed to open their doors and show the youth of Medicine Hat, who are making decisions about their future, exactly what the field can offer.

"We just realized that there are a lot of kids or high school kids that just aren’t possibly educated or just knowing of what’s available and what’s around in the oil field and how many other jobs that surround it, other than just being a pure coil hand or frac hand"

Russ Konschuh, one of the teachers who brought students from his automotive class from Medicine Hat High School, says that this is a great opportunity for them to see what options they have.

“Stats show that there's going to be a shortage of qualified journeymen technicians in several areas. So being that there is going to be a shortage in the future I think there’s a good opportunity for kids to become gainfully employed.” Konschuh said.

One of the Hat High students who was in attendance was Thomas Douglas. The grade 12 student was excited to see all the equipment up close and to have the chance to give Hamilton his resume in person.

“So far it’s just how much and how fascinating this equipment can be and how all these oil rigs work and maybe one of these days I can learn and use it.” He continued “And to work one, hopefully to continue this on in my near future.”

With the labour shortage, Konschuh feels that the most important thing he can teach students aren’t always skilled base.

“I think that when you go out and work in the industry, the employer is going to train them to do what they need them to do. So I think as a teacher the best thing we can do is to teach them to learn.”

Hamilton agreed with the teacher.

“I think the big thing now a days is a lot of people need a chance. You know we, everybody needs certain licenses, certain tickets to get this job but the biggest thing you need is a chance and an opportunity to know that this is available to you.”



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