Monarchs & Knights get set for start of seasons

By Hayley Ferguson
May 17, 2019 - 11:44am Updated: May 17, 2019 - 7:25pm


Medicine Hat, AB-- The Medicine Hat K of C Knights will be hosting the American Legion North District Class A Tournament this summer.

Head coach Lane Aman, who played for the Knights the last time they hosted the tournament in 2012, says that this will be a great opportunity for his young team.

“We’re super excited. It’s nice to have that advantage. You don’t have to sleep at any hotels, Mom’s cooked meals, and everything. So it will be really fun for these and they’ll really enjoy playing at home, so I’m really excited about it.”

The tournament goes July 18-21.

Aman is also hopeful that his team will be able to have more success this year after having an entire roster of first year players last season.

“Last year, it was a bit of a tough year. This year I’m expecting us to have a lot more success that’s for sure,” the third year coach said. “We’re going to be young again but we have so many young kids who are so eager to learn and get better. So, record aside, I’m super excited to see how far these kids go because I’ve already seen them make so much progress.”

The AA Moose Monarchs will have to travel to Billings, Montana if they are able to earn a spot in their district tournament.

It would be part of a road heavy summer for the Monarchs who end their season on a 12-game road trip. Although to most this would seem like a disadvantage, head coach Skylar Strosmoe says its actually helps his team out.

“In June we’re at home pretty much the whole time. And in July we’re on the road. But it does work out pretty well because we’re still in school here.” He said. “And so that way, kids for exams and what not. Where as in Montana they get out of school in May. So they can travel in June. So yeah, June is a nice schedule for us.”

Although official rosters have not been released, Strosmoe said that the roster will have some familiar faces.\

“We’ve got a good mix of returning guys. We have a couple, our two best pitchers from last year are coming back. With Ashtyn Street and Ethan Loran coming back from college. Zac Stark, he’s our co- MVP from last as well as a catcher and utility player. So those guys, and we have a couple of the young middle infielders, Tory Nelson, Felix Miller. There’s five returning guys which is good.”

Strosmoe, who is also entering his third-year in charge, is hopeful that those players will be able to make progress after finishing ninth in his first two seasons.

“We’re right close. We’re either one or two games out of a playoff spot. Or even last year, the eighth see beat the number one in the tournament. So, it’s just a matter of, every day and every games matters. And just getting across to them ‘hey, if we loose this game, it may hurt us in the tie break later on in the year.’”

The Knights kick off their season on May 26 at Athletic Park against the Fort McLeod Royals.


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