MHC students return to help bylaw enforcement

By Hayley Ferguson
May 13, 2019 - 5:17pm Updated: May 13, 2019 - 7:16pm


Medicine Hat, AB- The summer is a busy time for Medicine Hat bylaw enforcement.

To help combat this, they are bringing in two Medicine Hat College students.

The students canvas the city, completing residential inspections and identifying potential problems.They talk to homeowners or leave door hangers advising of issues that could escalate into fines.

Last year, 80 percent of the problems identified by the students were addressed by homeowners.

“That’s a high compliance rate and if we can get that kind of compliance rate at that level of enforcement, just with education and awareness, that’s a huge win.” Said Heather Trail, supervisor of municipal enforcement.

Taylor Vorra and Emilee Jackson will return this year after recently graduating. Both are aspiring to have careers in law enforcement.

“I was very motivated to apply as soon as I could, this was kind of exactly what I needed for a stepping stone to start my path in law enforcement.” Said Vorra. It allowed me to immerse myself right in with the community and get involved as early as possible and get experience in the field.”

Jackson added that being a part of the program and being able to get out and educate people has really helped her be more sure of her self.

“My confidence has really improved by just being able to talk to people and being able to provide them with the education that some people may not know.” She said.

Trail is hopeful that this is a program that will have continued success and that over time they will bring in more students.

“I see it as a real nice mentoring  program. It brings these people in the doors, getting to understand what the security clearance is in our world.” Tail continued “Working on their communication skills, that type of thing, and of course anytime we have people come in at that capacity, it’s always a look for the future as to maybe future employees.”


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