Bylaw asks locals to respect public fire pits

By Jessie Weisner
April 24, 2019 - 4:02pm Updated: April 24, 2019 - 7:22pm


MEDICINE HAT, AB -- Using regular logs for a fire wasn’t good enough for some people at Strathcona Park on Tuesday.

As a result, Medicine Hat Bylaw is warning residents to use respect, and proper materials, when using a public fire pit.

“We came across one of the pits in Strathcona, it had obviously been used the night before,” says Heather Trail, supervisor of municipal enforcement. “A lot of leftover burnt out wood including pallet was left and just quite a mess.”

Prompting Medicine Hat Bylaw to send out a tweet with a picture of the mess.

In another incident on Tuesday, multiple pallets were found littered around a public space at Kin Coulee Park.

“People just need to realize that those pits are there to use but they need to respect it and take care of it and burn appropriate products,” said Trail.

Trail says with the weather warming up more people are out using those public spaces and leaving them like this.

“We suspect really just with our early warm weather and just you know our Easter break here,” says Trail. “But yeah sometimes it is an issue.”

She says when people disrespect the spaces, it’s not only a huge safety hazard because of Medicine Hats dry weather, but it can lead to other people doing the same.

“Certainly it’s a task for city staff that have to go out and clean up, it also makes it look just like there’s not a lot of respect there so the next person comes along and potentially they may leave it the same way so we want to keep things neat and tidy and we want everyone to take care of it.”

Trail says Bylaw plans to lock the gates to public parks at 11 p.m each night starting April 27.

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