Duplicated voter cards unlikely according to Elections Alberta

By Scott Roblin
April 15, 2019 - 5:08pm

MEDICINE HAT, AB – Elections Alberta is responding to concerns of potentially duplicated voter cards in Medicine Hat.

CHAT News has learned of at least on local woman who said she was mailed two voter cards, one with her maiden name and one with her married name.

According to the Cypress-Medicine Hat returning office though, they haven’t heard of any of these complaints.

“That’s the first time I’ve heard of it, that would be a very unique situation,” said returning officer Allan Bloomfield.

Even if someone tried to vote beforehand in the advanced polls and later on election day, Bloomfield said it would be difficult to do so.

All the names of those who have voted in the advanced polls have since been submitted to Edmonton and have since been crossed off the official voters list.

These lists contain other information like addresses, with Bloomfield saying the record helps prevent situations of accidental or deliberate voter fraud.

“Each elector has to go to their polling station and there’s a record at the polling station of who votes,” he said. “When they vote, their name is stroked off the voters list. So, if they come back with another ‘Where to Vote’ card, they’ve already voted.”

Bloomfield added cases of intentional voter fraud are extremely rare in Alberta, while he encouraged voters to talk to an Elections Alberta staff member or volunteer if there’s any confusion.

“Contact us but generally if you just go to the polling station, they can clarify it there,” he said. “Because they can record you, they can register you on that day. So, you can start all over again, you need two pieces of ID.”

Polls will open at 9:00 am across Alberta and will be open until 8:00 pm.