Wait times at polls expected to stay short in Medicine Hat

By Conner Toffan
April 15, 2019 - 5:01pm

MEDICINE HAT, AB — If you’re planning to vote tomorrow, one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is waiting in line for too long.

Allan Bloomfield, returning officer for Cypress-Medicine Hat says that the introduction of ‘where to vote’ cards will help speed up the voting process.

“People received a where to vote card, they should bring that. They just have to walk in, show that, confirm the information and then be given a ballot. That will speed things up,” said Bloomfield.

At advance polling, those that brought the cards were able to complete the polling process in only minutes.

“Advance voting was really easy because we use scanners, we scan the where to vote card and that took seconds so they were in and out in two to three minutes for most of them.”

Bloomfield also believes a lack of confusion can help things move along. Eligible voters who aren’t registered need to bring a government issued ID such as a drivers license or Alberta Identification card. If you don’t have these you can bring two ID’s on this list.

“They’ll need the two pieces of identification with a physical address.”

Along with the quicker process he also believes the volume of polling places will make sure that one poll doesn't get too clogged up. For the location of your polling station you can look on the voter card that you should have received in the mail if you’re a registered voter.

“We’re located in schools and churches around the neighbourhood so there’s not a lot of people going to each poll. So it should be easy travelling,” said Bloomfield.

Bloomfield says that avoiding the busier times of the day can also make sure you're not waiting in line.

“I would think that the early morning, supper time and after supper time will be the heaviest."

Polls will be open from 9 AM to 8 PM on Tuesday.

Duplicated voter cards unlikely according to Elections Alberta