UCP candidate Glasgo preaches clean campaign; embraces youth at campaign office launch

By Taylor Chartrand
March 23, 2019 - 7:24pm Updated: March 26, 2019 - 4:52pm


MEDICINE HAT, AB - United Conservative Party (UCP) candidate for Brooks-Medicine Hat, Michaela Glasgo, officially opened her campaign office today.

She says heading into the election, her office is promoting healthy competition.

"I think Albertans are really tired of the fear and smear, dismissive comments that are coming from the opposition right now," explained Glasgo. "We have to make sure that we're providing a suitable alternative to the NDP in this election and that's why my campaign has focused on raising the bar and we will make sure that we are not running a messy, dirty campaign."

After speaking with residents in the Brooks-Medicine Hat riding for nearly a year, Glasgo says people are sick of politics in the gutter.

"I know I've committed myself to a higher standard and that was the same even as a young person before I entered politics. I continue to hold myself to that standard and will hold to that through this election and hopefully into the legislature." 

One resident in attendance was Marie Opsahl.

She says the political-slander has gotten way out of hand over the years.

"I've had to take some people off my Facebook page because I'm tired of hearing so much negativity and in Michaela's case, it's positivity," explained Opsahl. "We need someone that's going to show us how it's going to be greater, not somebody who is going to trash what has happened or what will happen."

At just 25-years-old, Glasgo says she will use her positivity, knowledge and youth to hopefully win the votes of area residents.

"I wouldn't say that I'm fearful of being young in this arena, I would say that I'm excited. I've also heard from some of the seniors in the community and average, working people who have said they're excited to have new energy and a fresh perspective in this. That's what I hope to provide to them because as a young person. I definitely have some energy and I'm ready to use it to properly represent this region." 

One senior pastor within the community says he's excited for what Glasgo's youth could bring to the political conversation.

"Everybody has to start somewhere and at this point, Michaela isn't running for Premier," explained Jim Bredeson. "I think 10-20 years maybe, but not at this point. Young people bring energy, new ideas and vigor that is very much needed in the political scene everywhere today." 

Heading into the April 16th provincial election, Glasgo says she's feeling excited, but she wasn't willing to comment on her chances of winning.

"I don't like to comment on that. The thing we need to do is what Jason Kenney said which is 'stay humble, work hard and earn every vote.' That's exactly what we're doing. With the door-knocking, you really see that. People are very excited to see you come to their door and I know for me, that's a focus of my campaign, is hearing people and getting to where they're at."

After many hours of door-knocking, Glasgo says the issues have remained the same.

"The major issues here are jobs, the economy and pipelines. We see 182,000 Albertans out of work right now and it's on us to ensure we provide a steady climate for job creators to come to Alberta and make sure they have a place to set up here and create jobs for the common person."

Glasgo added that the projected 2023 debt of $95 billion dollars is alarming to residents as well.

"They're worried about their pay-check, they're worried about not having a job if the NDP gets elected again. We need to make sure that we're being responsible for the next generation and putting in policy that encourages job creators and encourages growth in Alberta."

And for Glasgo, this election is personal.

"I'm a proud daughter of someone who is employed by the oil and gas sector and a lot of my family is as well. For me, this is a personal endeavor to make sure we are protecting the people who work in this province."

Glasgo will be running against Lynn MacWilliam (NDP), Jim Black (Alberta Party) and Todd Beasley (Independent) in the Brooks-Medicine Hat riding.

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