Independent Conservative MLA Candidate, Todd Beasley, speaks in Brooks

By Taylor Chartrand
March 16, 2019 - 6:52pm Updated: March 26, 2019 - 5:00pm

BROOKS, AB - With the provincial election looming, candidates are out and about sharing their message to voters on why they are best suited to represent the people.

That was the case today, as Independent Conservative MLA candidate Todd Beasley made a stop in Brooks. 

"I'm running under the banner 'keeping conservatives conservative' and at the end of the day, what I'm hoping to achieve, is I want to make sure that the promises made, are the promises kept."

After speaking in Brooks, Beasley said a lot of his speech really resonated with residents.

"I don't want to see one ounce of backtracking. Certainly we have seen a little backtracking from Mr. Kenney on a few things like the carbon tax and the grassroots guarantee. I feel confederation is broken and this generation needs to fix it."

During his speech in Brooks, Beasley pointed out a research paper issued by the C.D Howe Institute.

"That report showed that between Trudeau and Notley, their policies have cost the west $100 billion dollars and we know what that means. Less trucks bought, cars bought, meals bought, homes bought and entrepreneurs investing in less opportunities.  If I'm elected, it would be my intention to seek out credible groups or answers to our current issues."

In mid-July, Beasley was removed from the UCP ballot after breaking party rules.

"I had some harsh words, but I'm not pulling back anything I said. As far as this election, this election is about the economy and assuring we get the most experience in the Legislative Assembly. This is about the economy and not about religion. Nobody is making an issue of it to my face. Maybe my opponents will, but I'm not a racist person."

His decision to run as an independent was influenced by people constantly approaching him on the streets.

"I started having conversations with people in Medicine Hat and Brooks and they were down to support me. It costs a lot to run as an independent and the support I got was nothing less than amazing. An MLA position is not an entry level position and people want experience."

Beasley believes his decision to run as an independent won't impact the conservative votes in a negative way.

"There was a poll that came out in the Calgary Herald last week, that shows NDP support in southern Alberta is less than 12%. So, they statistically aren't going to be any problem in the Brooks-Medicine Hat riding. Then we've got the Alberta Party and they support the carbon tax. Gee, I wonder how that's going to go over in Brooks-Medicine Hat. So, what it comes down to, conservative candidate A versus B and I will put my resume up against anyone's."

Politicians are scheduled to return to the legislature on Monday for a throne speech and now, a lot of rumors have been circulating that the provincial election may be called.

"There's a lot of politically astute people saying she knows she's going to lose, so why call it now? Why wouldn't she put it off. I'm hoping they call it on Monday, but I won't be surprised if they don't."

Beasley is scheduled to be in Medicine Hat later this week.

Provincial election set for April 16