Alberta Liberals name Anwar Kamaran as candidate for Cypress-Medicine Hat

By Charles Lefebvre
March 15, 2019 - 3:43pm Updated: March 26, 2019 - 4:55pm


MEDICINE HAT, AB — A candidate has put their name forward to represent the Alberta Liberal Party locally in the upcoming spring election.

According to Elections Alberta, Anwar Kamaran has put his name forward to be the candidate for the party in the Cypress-Medicine Hat riding.

Kamaran arrived in Canada in 1996 from Iraq, and worked his way to owning several businesses, including the Petro-Canada gas station in Walsh and his own trucking company, Noah Trucking.

He says his life experience helps set him apart from other candidates in the riding.

“There's a time I came through this country, I had no food, no money,” he said on Friday. “I had nobody. I couldn't even speak English. I know what it takes to decide what a person needs to get a loan and what Albertans, what Canada needs for people, what is needed for Albertans, especially for newcomers...and also for businessmen in Alberta.”

Kamaran says Liberal Leader David Khan inspired him to seek the nomination for the party, and he says the party’s policies most closely align with him as a person.

“The Liberals have actual action for you to step in,” he said. “They give you a door, they give you a chance, they give you an opportunity.”

He adds he loves Alberta and says he has felt welcomed by Walsh since he's been living there.

“I love the people in the small town communities, they’re so friendly, they’re so nice,” he said. “It reminds me lots and lots of the people back home...they’re really good people.”

Kamaran joins incumbent Drew Barnes (United Conservative Party), Peter Mueller (NDP) and Colette Smithers (Alberta Party) as candidates in the riding.

The Alberta Liberals, who currently hold one seat in the legislature, currently have 35 candidates listed as nominees for the election.

By law, the election must be held before May 31, 2019.

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