Local paths being cleared as temperatures go up

By Jessie Weisner
March 14, 2019 - 4:44pm Updated: March 14, 2019 - 7:18pm


MEDICINE HAT, AB -- Temperatures are climbing, and as a result, Hatters have been out walking, jogging and bikes.

However, there’s some pathways to stay away from.

Since Monday, City crews have been out clearing snow and slush off park roads and trails. Asphalt paths are in good condition, considering how much sun Medicine Hat has been getting.

“Paths are in fairly good shape, for the most part they’re down to the pavement, the nice thing about asphalt is when the sun hits that surface everything melts pretty good,” said Scott Richter, parks superintendent with the City of Medicine Hat.

However, they can get icy at night and in the morning, especially because there’s been some overland flooding.

“Just be warned that melted snow will create some water and then at night time it still freezes so it’ll be icy in the morning and will dry again in the daytime,” says Richter. “There’s some hazards to avoid, anywhere there’s water, we are seeing some overland flooding around the creek areas, around the bridges and the coulee area.”

The city has barricaded certain flooded areas, and urges residents to find alternative routes in those areas.

Another thing to avoid is non-paved pathways, especially when the ground begins to thaw.

“The dirt ones, we don’t maintain those in terms of pushing snow off of them or anything like that,“ says Richter. “But once the frost comes out of the ground they’ll get a little bit muddy so just kind of watch what you’re doing.”

Biking in the mud can cause ruts in the path.

“On Burnside, the bike trail when it becomes wet, it’s a good idea not to bike on it because it causes ruts and that rut will kind of last for the rest of the season,” says Richter.

Crews will likely be out next week clearing pathways as well.

'Treat all kinds of ice surfaces as hazardous': Fire Department