A hashtag on Twitter has popped up in response to the recent sexual assault allegations against former CBC Host, Jian Ghomeshi. The hashtag began late Thursday night and reads “#beenrapedneverreported”. It started as a question to why such a small amount of women report sexual assault, and why these women felt they couldn’t seek help.

Executive Director for the Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter, Natasha Carvalho says there is a possibility these stories will encourage more victims to come forward.

“I’m hoping that it will make women feel empowered, or that you should in fact come forward and there are supports for when you do come forward. And that’s the only way were going to end those kind of things from happening”

Looking at this year’s Vital Signs statistics, the sexual assault rate in Medicine Hat was 44 percent high than the national average in 2013. Christina Johnson with the Sexual Assault Response Committee says only about 8 percent of victims actually report the assault, and she hopes the hashtag on Twitter will keep the discussion going.

“I think the more we talk about sexual assault and sexual abuse, and stop putting the blame on the individual who experienced the sexual violence and start holding people who offend accountable we will see reporting rates continue to rise.”