The SPCA is encouraging owners to get their cats spayed before spring.
The organization says the spring months see an increase in kittens being brought in as cats that aren’t fixed go into heat.
“We see an influx of kittens right from April until December,” said executive director of SPCA Audrey Becker. “So the more cats we can have spayed throughout this time of year the less kittens will be out there. Right now there is a major overpopulation of cats all over Canada.”
The adoption shelter currently houses more than 100 cats but any more may be problematic.
“Shelters get backed up and backed up  and it becomes just a bit of a nightmare,” said Becker. “The more crowded shelters become the more illnesses that will spread when cats are kept in too close confinements. The best thing is to have less cats.”
The SPCA offers a low cost program allowing owners who can’t afford the spay-procedure to fix their cats.
“They do need to fill out an application and bring  proof of income,” said Becker.