They say you never know a person’s story until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. For the 8th year in a row the Southeastern Alberta Sexual Response Committee made some men do just that.


At the Spectrum Festival Saturday the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes fundraiser was afoot. 30 men put on a pair of high heels and made the one mile trek around the grounds. Both the police and fire departments had members taking part in the walk, which raised just under $7,000 this year.


S.A.R.C. Executive Director Christina Johnson says the walk is an important show of solidarity.


“This event is about showing people who’ve survived that we support them, and it’s also for taking a stand to say that we will, as a community, not tolerate sexual assault, sexual abuse, or gender based violence,” said Johnson.


Johnson says the money they raised will go towards counseling services and educational programs.