MEDICINE HAT — More women are finding careers in the science and technology sectors and it’s great news for students.


On Monday about 50 grade nine girls paired up with industry mentors to learn about the importance of continuing to study science and math. With high school right around the corner, many are just starting to think about what courses they’ll need to start the careers they want.


It’s the idea behind Operation Minerva, a project helping to keep young girls interested in science and math and showing them the opportunities that are available close to home.


“It’s amazing what courses you need for certain professions and you just don’t realize it,” said Patty Rooks with Praxis, the organization behind planning the information filled day. “This opens their eyes up to it.”


Student Ellen Lewall thought she wanted to become an architect, but now is thinking about studying psychology.


“I find myself watching videos about how the brain works and stuff,” she said. “That really interests me, like, how the brain works and what makes people who they are.”


Knowing she’ll start high school in the fall, Lewall is starting to think about what courses she’ll need to take. She said it can be stressful to think about.


Rooks adds it’s important that girls keep their options open now.


“I know it seems scary at 14 and 15, planning our career path,” she said. “But the best advice I can give you is keep your options open, take those courses in school if you can.”