It’s over 100 hundred years old and starting Monday at 7am vehicles won’t be able to use it for a week.


Spanning the South Saskatchewan River, the bridge sees an average of 5500 vehicles a day. The city says there are no structural issues at this time with it, but as part of their inspection program they noticed there were certain deficiencies that needed to be fixed. City Operations Engineer Craig Maunder says there’s a number of things they’ll be doing.


“Things like washing the bridge, tidying up the graffiti, sealing the cracks on the asphalt surface and dealing with some little sidewalk issues that we’ve identified. One of the big things that you’ll see is we are replacing the guardrail upfront on both sides of the bridge, the approach rails. A number of cars have hit it over the last couple years so we’re just replacing it with something a little more robust.”


One sidewalk on either side of the bridge will remain open for pedestrians while the work is being done and the project is expected to cost $75,000.



-Matt Nemeth