A federal election is expected to be called within the next 100 days and the field for our new riding here is about set. The newest addition is Erin Weir for the NDP, a nurse and mother of four from Raymond.


She grew up in Fort MacLeod, which is where she mainly works now in emergency as a nurse. She says the three main issues she’ll be focusing on are affordable child care, job creation and retirement security. And after May’s provincial election result, she says her hopes are high.


“I think Canadians in general are sort of ready and looking for a change, I think a lot of people were very surprised with the provincial results but Albertans were also looking for a change. I think it’s exciting, and hopefully it transfers to federal as well.”


Weir isn’t officially a candidate yet, but she’s the only one who’s passed the party’s vetting process before the deadline to do so. Her candidacy should become official July 27th, when the party holds its nomination meeting at the Medicine Hat Public Library.



-Matt Nemeth