Sept 28- Pitbull Ban Reaction
Sept 28- Hamptons 2C Delayed
Sept 28- Ransomwear Warning
Sept 28- Vaping Regulations
Sept 28- School Golf Provincials
Sept 27 – Canalta Centre Losses
  • Computer experts are seeing rise in Ransomware infections

    Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - Technology

    Ransomware is a growing form of online theft and local businesses and residents are being affected almost daily. Ransomware essentially takes a computer hostage by encrypting a file and continuing to encrypt more files until the user pays money for the key to decrypt their own files. Users can..more »

  • Pit bull ban in Montreal raises concerns across the country

    Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - Animals

    A controversial new bylaw in Montreal to ban pit bulls, and other breeds they deem as dangerous, has passed. Those who already have a pit bull can apply for a special permit and will have to follow a number of regulations. Local resident Rachel Kruitbosch owns an American Staffordshire and under the new Montreal bylaw, her animal would be banned...more »


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